img_4382The Tall Man’s name is Jeremy Weaver. He is 6’6″ and lives in a 276 square foot tiny house called the Nomad’s Nest with his wife and a dog/child named Marley with the goal of living simply in order to live intentionally. He’s a tiny house builder, dweller, right-sized and affordable housing advocate, and wants to share what he’s learned about living simply. Some of his posts are nerdy and technical (because the Tall Man rolls like that) and others will hopefully inspire or at the very least provide some chuckles.

Note from the author: When my wife and I decided to build a tiny house to live in we had just returned from living in Tanzania for 5 months. We had lived in a really small apartment before leaving for Africa and were looking to buy a house when we returned. After looking at more than 15 houses without finding anything that we felt really good about in our price range, we decided to take the tiny leap and build our own tiny house. We bought a second hand trailer and started getting it ready to build our tiny dream home.

At about this same time I had just joined Travis Pyke in founding Wind River Tiny Homes, a custom tiny house construction company. We received an email from Tiny House Nation asking us if we had any new tiny house builds coming up that might have an interesting story attached to them. I told them that my wife and I had just started building a tiny house and I was also in the process of starting a tiny house building company. Three weeks later we were building our tiny house with Zack and John for an episode of Tiny House Nation.

We have been living in our tiny house on 18 acres just outside of Chattanooga, TN since the beginning of 2015 and have truly loved it. It has saved us a ton of money and allowed us to start a business, pay off our student loans quicker and prevented us from accumulating stuff. I want to be clear that we won’t always live in a “tiny” house. I believe that the house you live in should be the “right-sized.” Meaning that it should be the exact size that fits the phase of life you are in without detracting from it and not more. I believe that a house that is too small or too large does that. We live in 276 square feet right now because it works for us, but our family will soon grow (we have a baby due in November 2016) and we will likely build a small house in the future on a permanent foundation. I also try not to have a “tinier than thou” attitude towards people who choose to live in a larger house, because I just don’t think that’s helpful.

These days I wear several hats. Besides writing this blog, I am also helping run Wind River, consulting in the tiny and small house space, and advocating for tiny houses as a housing form.

Hopefully you find information in this blog that will entertain and edify, inspire you to live simply, and right-size at least some part of your life.

-The Tall Man